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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gas Prices and the Media

Extreme Gas Savings - May. 2, 2006

Idiot Media

When settling down in Florida, the couple found a home about 1 mile from their place of work, with shops located between the two. The close proximity is 'one of the reasons we chose this place to live.' The Parkers own a Nissan Xterra full sized SUV but with a one mile commute, gas costs them only $40 every two weeks. The cost is, by the Extreme Saver's own admission, 'just lost in the noise...It doesn't even phase us.'

These people live one mile from work and commute with an SUV? Why not just walk!?! And they're considered Extreme Savers? Moral: Don't ever take the media at face value. Distrust everything they say.

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